The selected player who will be joining at the esteemed ATM Academy for an immersive week-long program.

May 12, 2023

During the Atlético Camp in Arizona the players had the opportunity to train the same way Atlético de Madrid players train during a week with drills focused on technical and tactical aspects both in offensive and defensive phases. They had also the opportunity to showcase themselves proving they are worthy of winning the opportunity to stay in the club’s residence in Madrid training with their teams for a week.

During this time, we have been assessing the great talent we saw during the camp. After much judging we can now announce the winner.

Leonardo Parra, from Phoenix Rising FC, has been the selected player at the ATM Camp in Arizona to be part of the ATM Residency for 1 week!

We are thrilled to announce that the ATM & BCN PRO coaches have come to a decision. 

We must acknowledge that selecting the recipient of this opportunity was an arduous task, as the level of talent displayed by all the participants was truly remarkable. The decision-making process involved careful deliberation and thorough evaluation of each player’s performance, dedication, and potential. 

The selected player will join the prestigious ATM Academy for an incredible week-long experience. 

Leonardo Parra, hailing from Phoenix Rising FC, has emerged as the player among the aspiring athletes who participated in the Atlético Camp in Arizona. 

Throughout the camp, these dedicated individuals had the privilege of undergoing rigorous training sessions designed to mirror the exact methods employed by Atlético de Madrid players. Immersed in a comprehensive program that encompassed offensive and defensive tactics, as well as technical skills, the participants had an opportunity to exhibit their abilities and demonstrate their worthiness to earn a coveted spot at the club’s residence in Madrid.

Having carefully evaluated the outstanding talents on display, we are delighted to bestow this remarkable opportunity upon Leonardo Parra. He has truly distinguished himself as the deserving recipient of a place in the esteemed ATM Residency for an entire week.

Get ready to witness Parra’s exceptional skills as he embarks on this thrilling adventure, representing both the ATM Camp and Phoenix Rising FC in a remarkable display of athleticism and talent. Stay tuned for updates as we follow his incredible journey at the ATM Residency in Madrid.